Whelen 100 Watt Siren - Full Function Hands-Free

Part Number : 295hf100

Our Price : $304.20

Product Details

The Whelen Full Function Siren with Microphone, 295SL100, features:

  • 17 Scan-Lock Siren Tones to choose from (Pat. # RE38,795)
  • user-selectable siren tones via momentary recessed switch
  • six function siren plus radio repeat and public address.
  • Meets California & SAE specifications, SAE J1849 & California Title 13.Model 295SL100
  • operates up to two 100-watt speakers.
  • Hands-Free" operation
  • Turn On/Off and access all three siren tones (default Wail, Yelp and Piercer™)
  • Two manual functions allow for additional siren tone choices when you need it the most.
  • PTT (push to talk) switch on microphone overrides all siren functions
  • Combination On/Off and horn ring transfer switch
  • Pre-wired unidirectional microphone.
  • Optional plug-in microphone with volume control knob.
  • Adjustable preset microphone volume.
  • Adjustable preset radio repeat volume.
  • Input polarity protection.
  • Output short circuit protection.
  • External spade-type fuse.
  • Bi-polarity horn/ring control activation.
  • "Aux Enable" activates siren tones via input (slide switch, power controls or relay-to-ground connection).
  • Quick disconnect plug for ease of service or replacement.
  • Adjustable bail bracket allows the mounting of the siren in a variety of positions.
  • Complements all Whelen's under dash products.
  • Backward compatible to the original 295HF100 and WS2100 Series connector.
  • Optional 24 volt DC model available, contact factory.

Clicke here to listen to tones.