Warrior Aid and Litter Kit (WALK)

Part Number : 80-0097

Our Price : $1,705.99

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Product Details

North American Rescue Warrior Aid and Litter Kit™ (WALK®), 80-0059,80-0060,80-0089,80-0097, provides Warfighters and Tactical Healthcare Professionals with the tools to decrease preventable combat deaths form the leading causes: extremity bleeding, tension pneumothorax, and airway obstruction. The US Army selected the WALK® as its official vehicle life-saving kit and it is the new vehicle life-saving kit for the Department of Defense.

The Warrior Aid & Litter Kit™ (WALK®) allows first-aid treatment and immediate evacuation of one patient in a non-traditional vehicle, and treatment of multiple patients until additional transport arrives.

The pack includes a Talon® 90C (a quad-fold rigid litter with retractable handle system), a streamlined pocket-system for self/buddy-aid medical supplies and a Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit (HPMK™).

The WALK® interfaces with any standard or non-standard casualty evacuation equipment, has adjustable shoulder straps, and is an asset for pre-positioning of medical supplies for disaster response.

Bags may also be purchased separately. For complete product information and kit contents click here