Ultra Vue 18 inch Wide Backboard with 12 Pins

Part Number : ultravue18p

Our Price : $197.49

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Product Details

Iron Duck’s Ultra Vue Spine Board is thin and strong. Fourteen large handholds for easy lifting even with gloves on. Constructed of rotomolded HDPE over eco-friendly foam, the rigid board is non-slip yet easy to clean. With its’ flat design, the board facilitates CPR efforts and won’t exacerbate cervical spine injuries.

Composite pins are an option (12 or 22) and if purchased may be stored away from handholds so as not to interfere with lifting efforts.

Product specifications:

·       Board dimensions are 72" x 18" x 1.75", weight 16 lbs.

·       Weight Capacity: 1,000

·       Float capacity 250 lbs.

·       100% x-ray translucent, MRI and CT Scan compatible

·       Lifetime warranty.

·       Available colors: yellow, blue, orange, red, lime green, olive drab, black, Think Pink for October

·       Comes with two reflective strips for high visibility