Trauma Case Studies for the Paramedic

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Trauma Case Studies for the Paramedic

Patient assessment and management combine to create an interwoven sequence of events that requires paramedics to perform a systematic assessment of the patient and determine what treatment is most appropriate and when it needs to be given. Trauma Case StStudies for the Paramedic contains 20 case studies representing a variety of trauma emergencies that paramedics may encounter in the field.Trauma Case Studies for the Paramedic is intended to reinforce the importance of a systematic patient assessment and management approach to paramedic students by presenting them with trauma emergencies that they are likely to encounter. A superb supplement to classroom and textbook learning, this book allows the reader to practice applying knowledge to cases before actually going on an emergency call. Trauma Case Studies for the Paramedic by: Stephen J. Rahm, AAOS ©2005 Published by: Jones & Bartlett Publishers