The Streetmedics Handbook 2E

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The Streetmedics Handbook 2E

The Streetmedics Handbook, now in its second edition, is a concise field reference that presents essential information for pre-hospital emergencies that Paramedics and EMTs do not encounter on a daily basis. With its compact size or the new, separately sold downloadable PDA content, this resource makes an ideal companion and quick-reference tool for EMTs in the field. The Streetmedics Handbook also lends itself well to the classroom setting for students who are studying emergency medicine. From the classroom to the field, those who use this book will appreciate the standardized, problem-oriented format that sets it apart from other quick-reference manuals. The Streetmedics Handbook Second Edition by: Owen T. Traynor, Patrick R. Coonan, Thomas J. Rahilly, Jonathan S. Rubens ©2004 Published by: Thomson Learning