Super Plasma HI-VIZ Yellow Helmet

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Product Details

Inner Polystyrene Shell
- Improved safety is provided by the increased shell’s thickness in the summit area and by the
extended shell’s contact surface with the head in the front and rear parts of the inner shell.
- Superior fit on the head and better comfort due to the greater shell’s contact surface with the
- Increased natural air flow due to the vents in the inner shell’s summit area that provide
efficient ventilation and air recycling.
- Advanced shape of the inner shell provides improved durability and better adaptation to all
head sizes
Inner Padding
- New Polygiene (register mark) treated 2DRY (register mark) fabric offers greater freshness
and active protection from unpleasant odor even after frequent wearing. The high-tech
wool fabric provides maximum comfort and rapid absorption of moisture keeping the skin
fresh and dry. Polygiene (register mark) treated inner padding permanently inhibits the
growth of odor-causing bacteria, provides greater freshness, odor elimination, integrity and
preservation of material, and reduction of washing frequency. The padding is supplied with
two labels/tags that guarantee the originality of the fabric and its Polygiene (register mark)
- Double welded edge padding for added strength and comfort.
Strap System and Chin Pad
- Chin pad is made from the leatherette-artificial leather. It’s anti-allergic, washable, extremely
comfortable and eliminates irritation of the skin.
- Strap system is crossed-back for greater stability of the helmet on the head.
Size Adjustment System
- New and proprietary Up-N-Down size adjustment system provides the most precise and
comfortable fit. Its mechanism consists of a central ratchet wheel and two lateral fingerpush
winglets that allow rapid and exact adjustment of the size. The advanced size
adjustment system offers increased stability of the helmet due to two additional adjustments
of height and inclination, allowing correct positioning and ultimate fit of the helmet.
- Supplied with the non-slip rubberized inner pads for better comfort.
Plastic Headband
- Injection-molded plastic headband for greater strength and durability.
- Equipped with the openings that provide greater air flow.
- New visor mounting system is made of polycarbonate and allows two positions: Up – on top
of the helmet and Down – working position.
- Polycarbonate construction eliminates oxidation and loss of the traditional mounting screws.
- Expanded face-surface protection.
- Identification and compliance information is laser-printed instead of using the label.
- Equipped with a protective film to be removed before use.
- Certified ANSI Z87.1-2010 Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection