Streamlight Stinger XT HP Rechargeable Flashlight 12V DC - Standard 10 Hour Charger Piggyback Holder *FREE SHIPPING*

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Piggyback Holder will charge the Stinger XT HP Flashlight and a spare battery at the same time. The original Stinger XT delivered all the benefits of the Stinger plus the tailcap switch for tactical use. The new HP, or "High Performance" version of the Stinger XT does the same job but with almost three times the candlepower for an even more blinding beam up to 40,000. Continuous run time of one hour. Weighs just 14.6 ounces, less than 9 inches long. Tactical tailcap switch allows momentary or constant operation. Machined aluminum case. One hour run time Battery Nickel-cadmium 3.6 Volt, 1.8 amp hour, sub-C; rechargeable up to 1,000 times. Bulb 3.7 Volt, 6 watt, xenon halogen gas filled bi-pin. Material Virtually indestructable machined aluminum housing with non-slip rubber grip; unbreakable polycarbonate lens. Color Black Weight (with battery) 14.6 ounces Length 8.625 inches Run Time 1 hour of continuous use between charges. Candlepower - Up to 40,000