Streamlight Knucklehead 120V AC

Part Number : knuckleheadac

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Product Details

The Knucklehead C4 LED flashlight is among the most versatile work light available. The Knucklehead offers 4 operational modes: 1150 Candela peak beam intensity, 200 Lumens, 3.5 hour runtime on High; 350 Candela peak beam intensity, 63 Lumens, 16 hour runtime on Low; 8 hour runtime on Flash; and 20 day runtime in Moonlight mode.

The two parabolic reflectors in a larger textured reflector create smooth-field optimal light targeting, while the knucklehead’s unique 210 degree articulation and 360 degree rotation allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it.

Power your Knucklehead with either the included rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery or four "AA" alkaline batteries.

A durable push button is covered by a rubber dome for easy operation with gloved hands.

A 135 lbs. pull magnet is included with a replaceable rubber boot.

Serial numbers are included for identification purposes.

Made from high-impact rugged nylon polymer for durability.

Product Dimensions/weight: 9.2 in. (23.4 cm); NiCd 23.1 oz (655 grams); Alkaline 18.3 oz (519 grams).

Available in Yellow or Black.

AC charger included. See separate listings for other power options.