Sked Basic Rescue System - O.D. Green

Part Number : SK-200-GR

Our Price : $645.86

Product Details

The Sked® Basic Rescue System is designed for helicopter, confined space, high angle or other technical rescues as well as more typical land-based rescues. The unique Sked stretcher is made from durable flexible plastic that becomes rigid when loaded providing both patient security and ease of extrication in difficult spaces. A tough, cordura backpack is included to store the rolled stretcher. Shipping weight is 19 lbs. System comes complete with:

·       The Sked® stretcher

·       Cordura backpack

·       Horizontal lift slings (pair)

·       Tow strap

·       Removable webbing handles

·       Locking 'D' carabiner

·       Sked® Vertical Lift Slingstretcher

and is available in International Orange or O.D. Green for military, S.W.A.T. and other tactical situations. Made in USA.