Simulaids SMART STAT Basic Patient Simulator with Additionsl Options, without Apple iPad

Part Number : sim475i

Our Price : $25,348.75

Product Details

SMART STAT Basic with additional options; without Apple iPad.

Also includes the Sim Vitals 5-Line Monitor, Amputated Leg and I/O Leg.

An affordable patient simulator allows students to experience the ALS environment.  Using the iPad application, students can be evaluated on knowledge, skills and critical thinking.

Either in the lab or in the field, this simulator can ascertain diagnostic ability.  With the ability to transfer training records to a computer, chronological scenario event logs can be printed.

iPad programming allows to store students performances.  With the onboard air compressor, spontaneous breathing, pulses, blood pressure, carotid and femoral pulses, normal and emergent heart and lung sounds, 12 pulse points synchronized with the heart, EKG interpretation and cardiac treatment, IV and drug therapy, tension pneumothorax treatment, chest tube insertion with simulated drainage, and advanced difficult airway maintenance can all be monitored.

SMART STAT Basic comes with, an iPad®, USB cable, blood pressure cuff, hard carry case, shorts, battery leg, and a supply of replacement parts.

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