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The Simulaids self-contained child heart and lung sound generator simulates the sounds of a four-year old child's heart and lungs. Any stethoscope may be used to listen to the sounds emitted by the ten lung speakers and one heart speaker located in the normal pediatric auscultation sites.

The unit is controlled using a standard PC configuration with a mouse and monitor; or through the handheld remote.

Use the optional external speaker jack for group listening, or for audible testing. A remote control allows classroom broadcasts of individual manikin speakers in specific locations so that students hear precise sound anomalies encountered when they auscultate the manikin. No programming installation is required.

Lung sounds include:

·       Asthma

·       Bronchial

·       Coarse crackles

·       Fine crackles

·       Normal breath sounds

·       Pneumonia; lobar

·       Tracheal

·       Wheeze

·       Insp. crackles; early

·       Stridor

Heart sounds include:

·       Atrial septal defect

·       Congenital aortic stenosis

·       Normal pediatric heart sounds

·       Patent ductus arteriosus

·       Pulmonary valvular stenosis

·       Ventricular septal defect

Voice sounds include:

·       Cough

·       Crying

·       Gasp

·       Gurgling

·       Sneeze 1

·       Wheeze

The unit comes with a power cord, remote control, remote cable, user reference, and a carry case. No assembly of manikin or programming installation required.