Sani CPR Family Pack

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Sani CPR Family Pack
Stretch your training dollar with this convenient package of Sani style basic life support CPR manikins. The simple system does not require tools to change the lungs; simply fold the lung bag four times and slide it into the mouth and out from under the chin. The bag resides either under the overlay of the chest (infant and child) or behind the back (Econo Adult). The foam filled skin lasts for years with rugged durability and is simple to clean. The individual lung bags ensure no cross-contamination when used for each student and thrown away at the end of the training class.

The package contains one each of the Sani-baby and the Sani-child and two each of the Econo Sani-man Adult manikins along with 100 Adult Face shield/lung system bags, 100 Child Face Shield/Lung System bags and 100 Baby Face Shield/Lung System bags. A carry bag is included.