Safeskin Purple Nitrile-Xtra Exam Gloves - 10 boxes of 50 per Case * * READ INFORMATION BELOW * *

Part Number : gpurp

Our Price : $217.00

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Product Details


Gloves are in incredibly short supply right now.   Priority will be given to EXISTING Public Safety Customers ONLY.  Please do not order gloves from us right now if you are NOT an EXISTING Public Safety Customer.  Existing means you have ordered from our company in the past.  We are sorry for this request but unfortunately we need to make sure our customers can remain in service.  

The extended cuff and durability of the Safeskin Purple Nitrile-Xtra provide extra protection from bloodborne pathogens and infectious liquids, and are easily identifiable by their vibrant color. The gloves are powder free, disposable, non-sterile and fit either hand. They also feature beaded cuffs and textured fingertips. The gloves were tested for use with chemotherapy drugs.