RIT BAG w/ R.A.D (Rapid Air Deployment)

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Part Number : ritbag

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Product Details

The ORIGINAL RIT BAG is designed to "Get in, Get them Air, and Get them Out – FAST!" using the Egnis Rapid Air Deployment System (R.A.D.). The two chamber system can hold 60 or 45 minute SCBA. Bottles may be placed upside down, or upright for protection or quick access as need dictates. A durable quick release buckle also gives quick access to the charged mask and low pressure lines stored inside the bag.

The two outside pockets provide storage and one contains a specialized port to the bottle chamber, providing a dedicated storage area for charged high pressure line.

The Kevlar shoulder strap features a heavy buckle and converts to an attachment point to secure the RIT BAG to the victim.

Extra metal hardware is included to attach other items such as rope bags.