**Discontinuted, Replaced by AMBU RESCUE PUMP** ResQVac Hand Powered Suction Unit with Wide Bore & Pediatric Catheters for Canister

Part Number : resqkit

Our Price : $74.95

Product Details

Repromed Systems RES-Q-VAC®  Hand Powered Suction Unit is a must-have for trach, ventilator and respiratory patients. The unit is rugged, effective in any position, and always ready for use. No batteries or electricity required to deliver >600mmHg wall suction.

 The 0.22 micron (μ) FSP® (Full Stop Protection) Filter protects against infectious diseases including Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, HIV and H1N1. The FSP also protects the pump for future uses. The product’s full tactile feedback and whistle-tip catheters ensure patient safety.