Reeves 105 Stretcher with Body Cover

Part Number : rs105

Our Price : $380.00

Product Details

The United States Secret Service and the White House Medical Staff use the Reeves 105 Flexible Stretcher with Sealed Body Cover for a discreet and easily-conveyable transport device. The stretcher includes an attached cover that zips to form a sealed transport case.

The Reeves 101 Flexible Stretcher can carry more than 700 lbs, is made with removable hardwood slats sandwiched between two layers of lightweight 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester, is highly resistant to acids and alkali and is impermeable. The six foam-padded polyproyplene webbed handles are designed and placed for responder comfort. Three 2" webbed patient restraint straps provide maximum immobilization and fasten with plastic buckles, optional metal buckles are also available.