R&B Original Ladder Boot - Size Large

Part Number : rb652

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Product Details

The R&B Fabrications Original Ladder Boot protects firefighters against injury from protruding ladder ends when the ladder is mounted on the fire truck. The high-density foam padded Cordura® Nylon Ladder Boot now includes an improved 2" attachment strap with Velcro® on both sides for a double shear locking flap. Reflective strip with "STAY BACK" sewn on and a retaining strap are also included. The boot comes in yellow. The inside measurements are: medium - 8" deep x 4" wide x 22" high, wt. 28 oz.; large - 8" deep x 9" wide x 24" high, wt. 32 oz.; xlarge - 8" deep x 11" wide x 26" high, wt. 40 oz.; xxlarge - 8" deep x 14" wide x 29" high, wt. 56 oz. See separate listings for each size. R&B Model numbers: 651Yl, 652YL, 653YL, 654YL.