R&B Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS)[COMPLETE SET]

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Titles, color coding communicate the chain of command. This simple system is specifically designed for hospitals to manage their staff in the event of a disaster. The Heics Vest is constructed of extra strong coated vinyl with color-coded bound edges. Adjustable side release nylon buckles eliminates the Velcro sticking to objects and allows easy access to garments under the vest. No need for machine washing. Vinyl is easy to clean and last much longer than cotton. Available as a set or sold individually for just the titles you need. Set includes the 49 vest listed below. Title panels for the Five lead positions are 4"x18" 3M reflective material panels on front and back with white letters with color-coded background: Black (INCIDENT COMMANDER) Yellow (LOGISTICS CHIEF) Blue (PLANNING CHIEF) Green (FINANCE CHIEF) Red (OPERATIONS CHIEF) The remainder of the title panels are color coded titles on a white 3M reflective background: Black: (PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER)(LIAISO