Pro Lite XT Spineboard with Pins 100% XRAY Translucent

Part Number : prolitextp

Our Price : $174.28

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Product Details

The Pro-Lite XT spineboard is 100% x-ray translucent between hand holes. No rails, runners, or slots in the x-ray field. Unique handgrips make the XT an exceptionally strong x-ray translucent spine board. The 1,000 lb. weight capacity board offers an easy to clean seamless design. The slightly curved form allows for optimal patient placement using significantly less padding. The board’s foot is angled downward for easier auto extrications and to provide more natural support of lower extremities. Unique design features of this board reduce storage space needs: two boards nest together in less than a 4” space.

Product specifications:

·       Use with all head immobilization devices.

·       Lifetime guarantee

·       100% x-ray translucent between handholds.

·       Weight: 14 lbs.

·       72” x 16” x 2 1/4”

·       2” x 5 1/4”  (16 count) handholds

·       16” at head to 14” at foot end

·       Also sold with pins included

·       Custom mold-in graphics available for an additional $16 per board, up to 24 letters