Prestan Professional Infant CPR/AED Manikin (with CPR Monitor) 10 Infant Face-Shield Lung-Bags and Carry Case

Part Number : ppim100m

Our Price : $125.88

Product Details

The Prestan CPR/AED Training Manikin offers realistic experiences and effective monitoring of student progress in an easy to transport, set-up and use package.

The manikin body opens fully for quick insertion of the face shield lung bag. The face shield is held secure without adhesive. Prestan manikin’s realistic head movement, chest compression depth and chest rise action give students a true-to-life experience, increasing confidence.

The new CPR Rate Monitor allows for instant chest compression rate feedback to both instructor and student so the student can self-monitor, and the instructor can follow the progress of multiple students.

The face/head tilt enhances the CPR learning experience and teaches students how to open the patient’s airway during CPR.

This listing is for the infant manikin with CPR monitor and 10 face-shield lung bags.

Prestan CPR/AED Training Manikins are available in a variety of options, including in a 4-pack, with or without the CPR monitor, with varying numbers of lung bags, and in child, infant and family packs. See separate listings for available options.