Prestan AED Trainer

Part Number : ppaedt101

Our Price : $165.00

Product Details

Prestan AED Trainer is made in the USA with quality & durability. The voice prompts are clear and confident, including CPR prompts for chest compressions. A module containing two languages and the current CPR guidelines.  The high quality training pads will last a long time with a minimum of 25-30 manikin applications.  Pad replacement is affordable and easy.  Just replace the pad not the cord.  Pad adhesive adheres and removes well to any manikin on the market. No more damaged pads or cleaning adhesive off your manikins. A Pad Sensing System automatically detects when each pad is placed on the manikin which simulates a live AED allowing for a more realistic training class.  Fast and easy set up buttons make it quick and easy to make changes to the setting of the trainer fast. Change the language with a simple press of a button. Scenario button can quickly change the shock sequence. No need for a manual to tell the sequence. Three levels of volume, loud, medium and soft can be quickly changed to accommodate training environments.  The AED trainer can also easily switch from Automatic or Semi-Automatic mode to match the AED on site. Simply replace the module when the CPR guidelines are changed or updated.