Paramedic Review & Student CD/DVD

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Paramedic Review + Student CD/DVD

A paramedic student needs a review product that contains both all testable certification skills and the ability to test and assess the didactic course material. Paramedic Review combines both skills (all ALS skills) and a didactic review of all paramedic material in a DVD and CD-ROM format. It can be used by a student studying for their written and practical exam or by an instructor for classroom teaching of the skills. McGraw-Hill Public Safety Website Table of contents

Well-Being Lifting and Moving Patients Airway Patient Assessment Bleeding and Soft Tissue Injuries Injuries to Muscles and Bones Child Birth Neonatology Infants and Children Geriatrics Abuse & Assault Pharmacology/Venous Access/Meds Advanced Airway Techniques EMS Operations Assessment Based Management

Paramedic DVD Contents

Video Skills: 26 Digital Flashcards:275



Oral Endotracheal Intubation Nasal Endotracheal Intubation Pediatric Intubation External Laryngeal Manipulation Gum Elastic Bougie Cricothyroidotomy/Surgical QuickTrach Needle Thorascic Decompression Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

Vascular Access Skills

Intravenous Access External Jugular Pediatric Intraosseous Sternal Intraosseous

Medication Skills

Intramuscular Medication Injection Subcutaneous Medication Injection Intravenous Bolus Medication Injection Intravenous Medication Infusion

ECG, Monitoring and Cardiac Skills

4-Lead Acquisition 12-Lead Acquisition AED Synchronized Cardioversion Transcutaneous Pacing

Assessment Skills

Medical Assessment-Low Priority Medical Assessment-High Priority Trauma Assessment-Low Priority Trauma Assessment-High Priority