Nasco Life/form White CPARLENE Torso with Electronic Light Controller - Sanitary Head & Molded Hair

Part Number : lf03714u

Our Price : $1,130.00

Product Details

The Nasco CPARLENE torso manikin is a sanitary, economical choice for CPR training. The manikin uses disposable tracheal and lower airway bags and face masks with one-way non-rebreathing valves that may be disposed of after use, or disinfected for reuse. The manikin features correct anatomical landmarks, maintenance-free molded hair, a pliable abdomen, jaw thrust capabilities and a simulated carotid pulse. The head, neck and jaw are fully articulated. The manikin is modular, upgradeable and interchangeable.

Electronic monitoring units are housed outside the CPARLENE® manikin, connected by a quick-release interface jack and give students immediate feedback. All units are powered by “C” or “D” batteries, and change from adult to child readings with the flip of a switch.

This CPARLENE® Torso comes with a three-color light controller box that indicates acceptable ventilation volume, compression depth, and improper hand placement. A switch on the light box and the change of compression springs converts to child mode. The torso is clothed in a washable, short sleeve athletic jacket. A soft carrying case with wheels is also included.

Full three-year warranty.