Narcotics Security Box 6912-SE

Part Number : narcbox

Our Price : $559.55

Product Details

The V-Line Narcotics Security box, 6912-SE, allows narcotics to be safely stored in ambulance, hospital, nursing homes and other locations. Up to 125 unique user combinations may be generated to track individual users. Up to 400 events can be captured to maintain an audit trail. A key override is included in case of lost combinations.

The Narcotics Security Box features:

  • Unicon CL20 E-Lock w/key overide.
  • Master, supervisor and user level codes (up to 125)
  • Five button lock is mechanical and features a programmable combination.
  • Single or dual user codes to open lock.
  • Audit trail tracks up to 400 events (requires optional Unicon CL20 software).
  • Lockout after 5 wrong codes for 3 min.
  • Powered by 2 CR-2 lithium batteries (not supplied).
  • Kaba Mas 24 hr. customer service.
  • Constructed of 16 ga. steel.
  • Powder coated in white with blue Star of Life emblem.
  • Anti-pry brackets for added security.
  • Designed to accommodate most narcotic bags.
  • Knockout holes on top and bottom for ¼” carriage bolts.
  • Mounting bracket included for top surface installations.