NarCase Red

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Part Number : NARCASERD

Our Price : $19.99

Product Details

NarCase™ is the only device specifically designed to securely carry and protect nasal administered opioid reversal agents / medicines to aid first responders in potentially saving the life of a person in need. Being able to carry the life saving medicine, holstered in a secure container, while being able to safely deploy ON SCENE, without having to leave the patient is of utmost importance.

It is light and compact but has been developed to:

  • Protect the light sensitive medication from sunlight and outdoor elements.
  • Offer crush and impact protection for its contents. It will also protect the contents during a physical confrontation with an uncooperative or subject.

It was designed to fit into a standard OC spray holder on your duty belt, or in your pocket, purse, handbag etc. Its design allows it to stand upright on a shelf. It can be stored in the doctor’s office, health centers, medicine cabinets, schools, libraries and anywhere there is an AED present.

  • The shape and rings around the top aid in the deployment from its carrying case/holder or pouch and offer a secure grip.

**NarCase™ does not include a carrying holster, please see our accompanying Nylon Holster with Metal Belt Clip or combo NarCase™ and Nylon Holster.  NarCase™ does not include any medicine