Morning Pride Ben Franklin II Helmet with EZ Flip Shields

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Product Details

The Morning Pride Benjamin Franklin II Fire Helmets feature an FYR-Glass shell for superior durability. FYR-Glass has tested 42% more resistant to impact penetration than fiberglass helmets, even when impact caps are included.

Helmets made from FYR-Glass are lighter, offer a lower ride, are more comfortable and better fitting for all head sizes. FYR-Glass is also exceptionally heat resistant.

Morning Pride helmets include an 8-point suspension and wider interior for better comfort and fit. The headband/ratchet adjusts to head sizes from 6 to more than 9.

The Ben Franklin II includes Bull Dog Edge Beading material for improved edge bead durability.

Additional features:

· Protected Suspension Straps

· Securely Attached Ear Covers

· Goggle Garage Option

· Large Hang-up Loop

· Durable Eagle Front Holder

· EZ Quick Attach Goggles

· EZ Change Chinstrap

· Lightweight

· Perfect Air Mask Fit

· Anti-snag Front Stabilization Bracket Option

· Built In Goggle Retention

· NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition and ANSI Z87.1 CERTIFIED EZ-Flips

Shell Colors available: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green

**Please note this is a special order item.  It can take up to 4 weeks for the item to ship**