Meret M.U.L.E. PRO EMS (Multi-Use Large Equipment) Response Bag (TS Ready)

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Part Number : M5107

Our Price : $322.95

Product Details

The M.U.L.E.™ PRO EMS is designed to easily transport a lot of gear and is the foundation for a system of TS-Ready™ AT bags that are interchangeable, enabling the first reposnder to attach additional, optional modules to the bag's sides depending on the your requirements. The main internal compartment can be completely customized for small and large items using the innovative SLIDER system. You can access the main compartment 3 ways using the top 2 quick access zippered panels or by opening the entire top zippered panel. A well placed system of grommet holes allows all compartments to be air dried while the bag is completely closed. Need to take even more supplies? No problem. Simply attach up to 4 TS-Ready™ modules to the sides of the bag and take what you need.