Med Sled Adult Evacuation Sled

Part Number : ms36

Our Price : $395.00

Product Details

The Med Sled is a Rigid Sled that is safe and easy to use in quick situations.  It comes with a carry bag and braking system. 

  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Standard Storage Dimensions: 48?L x 9? W 
  • Standard Deployed Dimensions: 87? L x 36? W 
  • Rated to hold 1,000 lbs
  • T-strap at foot end provides extra support
  • Sled curves slightly up and around evacuee for added protection
  • Decon capable
  • Simple and easy to deploy
  • Sled is 100% assembled for vertical and horizontal evacuation
  • Specially designed stairwell braking system allows for safe and controlled descent
  • No lifting - uses roll and drag method
  • Allows staff to transport patients 2 – 3 times their own weight
  • Patented Perimeter Tether Design provides patient stabilization
  • Can be used with backboard or stokes basket
  • Sled can accommodate IV bags, oxygen and other small devices