LSU with Disposable Bemis Canister

Part Number : 78002001

Our Price : $945.25

Product Details

Finally a suction unit that is as ready, willing, and able as you are!

Suction Unit, AC And DC Cords, Disposable Canister and Patient Tubing, Battery, Vacuum Tubing and Directions for Use.

The Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) sets the standard

The Laerdal Suction Unit is used all over the world by countless providers as it is:

    • Powerful and effective
    • Prepared for emergency situations
    • Effective at improving patient safety


Powerful and Effective

The suction unit’s quiet running and shock & splash proof design makes it an excellent option in nearly all settings. In extreme situations, the LSU can reach a vacuum of 500 + mmHg and has a flow rate of >30 LPM, exceeding International Standards.