LSP Oxygen Selector Valve 2-15 lpm 1/8 Female NPT with Barb Outlet

Part Number : lspsv

Our Price : $137.95

Product Details

LSP Oxygen Selector Valve 2-15 lpm 1/8" Female NPT with barb outlet. LSP Constant Flow Selector Valves for use with hospital based and/or portable oxygen systems. Selector valves offer repeatable flow rates regardless of orientation or visibility. Facilitated attachment to Schrader, Ohio Medical, Hansen or NCG disconnects. Valves lock in place with each of the five flow setting. Clearly marked polycarbonate selector knobs are rugged, nearly unbreakable, and easy to read even in low light. The polycarbonate selector knob is virtually unbreakable and designed to withstand rugged abuse. Lightweight aluminum material and low-profile design make these valves suitable for emergency medical applications.