Life Support Products MAST Shock Trousers Adult 1 Gauge Suit

Part Number : lspa1g

Our Price : $835.58

Product Details

Life Support Products MAST Anti-Shock Trousers for use with hypovolemic shock patients offer the following features:

The adult and pediatric anti-shock trousers provide the following specialized features:

  • Handles are strategically located in the torso area and both legs for easy positioning and patient movement
  • All bladders have a 5-year warranty against breakage
  • The pant material has a 2-year warranty
  • Unique design allows the pants to open outward and lie flat for easy application and patient accessibility
  • Color-coded Velcro straps and luminescent pressure gauges for easy nighttime application
  • Inflation pump can be used with foot, hand or knee pressure
  • Adult pants are easily downsized to fit either a small adult or a pediatric patient
  • Soft-pack carry bag is padded for protection, and the strap system converts to a backpack

Suits are available in adult, pediatric, 1 gauge and 3 gauge options.