Knightlite Ace Your Paramedic Practical Exam DVD

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Knightlite Ace Your Paramedic Practical Exam DVD

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Help study for your Paramedic Practical Exam with Knightlite's Ace Your Paramedic Practical Exam new DVD.

Ace Your Paramedic Practical provides Paramedic candidates with the best source for preparing for their Paramedic Practical Exam. This DVD set covers 11 Paramedic stations - giving you over 90 minutes of training. The DVD includes the following stations:

Patient Assessment Trauma
Dynamic Cardiology
Static Cardiology
Ventilatory Management Adult
IV Therapy
IV Bolus
Pediatric (<2 yrs) Ventilatory Management
Pediatric Intraosseous Infusion
Spinal Immobilization Seated
Spinal Immobilization Supine
Bleeding Control/Shock

Veteran Paramedic Instructor and Knightlite Paramedic writer Gary Havican guides you though each station giving you the confidence you will need to ace your practical exam.

The DVD follows the National Registry Skill Sheets.

Each station is divided into four sections.

  • Introduction to each station.
  • The actual station.
  • A review of the National Registry Skill Sheet
  • Critical Criteria for each station.