Iron Duck Ultra Breathsaver Trauma Oxygen Duffle Bag with 0-25lpm Brass Regulator

Part Number : ubskit

Our Price : $714.80

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Product Details

* * This bag comes full of supplies. Click the product photo on the left to see a complete list of the kit’s contents, and choose color options from the drop-down menu.**


The Iron Duck Ultra Breathsaver bag designed by EMS professionals keeps oxygen, airway and trauma supplies organized and ready for emergency use. The ruggedly-constructed bag improves on the Breathsaver and Breathsaver Plus bags with even more storage options.

    Fully-opening pockets offer quick access to an assembled 02 tank, and storage for hard collars. Bulky and small items all have their place for quick retrieval. The bottom is reinforced with UP fabric for ease of cleaning, and has plastic runners fastened to the bottom of the case for stability and long-life.

    Heavy-duty nylon handles have a padded wrap connection, and extend around the bottom of the bag for even weight distribution. The padded shoulder strap makes the bag comfortable to carry. Quality construction and superior materials make this bag stand up to hard use.