Iron Duck Pedi~Air~Align Complete System - Available colors teal and yellow

Part Number : pediair

Our Price : $283.95

Product Details

The Pedi~Air~Align pediatric spine board is made of HDPE, and employs the patented dual plane head drop system for complete immobilization with easy airway access. The board allows for the larger occipital area of a child’s head - creating neutral alignment to maintain the child’s airway. The Pedi~Air~Align is rotomolded for a seamless, easy to clean product.

The Pedi~Air~Align Complete System Includes:

·       1 board

·       2 shoulder straps

·       4 body straps

·       2 wrist restraints

·       6 disposable head blocks

·       6 disposable head block straps

·       1 carry case.

·       Teal and Yellow, standard colors

·       48”x12”x1.75”

·       Customize the board for a $25 one time silk screen fee and $16 per board up to 25 letters