Iron Duck Folding Plastic Ultra SpacSav Board

Part Number : ultrass

Our Price : $349.09

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Product Details

Iron Duck’s Ultra Space Save folding backboard is perfect for long searches, small vehicles and tight urban stair climbs. The durable seamless HDPE shell covers an eco-friendly foam core. Built with Iron Duck’s exclusive stainless steel mechanical pivot and internal aluminum runners. The shell resists extreme temperatures enhancing patient comfort in a variety of field applications. The lightly-textured surface prevents slippage but is easy to clean and disinfect. Clips are available for an additional fee, and if purchased, the 12 speed clips can be located in slots away from hand-holds.

Product Specifications:

·       Weight capacity: 500 lbs

·       Weight: 19 lbs

·       Dimensions: 72x16x2”, folds to 36x16x4”

·       Includes 10 reflective strips

·       Twelve hand-holds accommodate gloved hands

·       Lifetime warranty

·       Available in yellow, blue, orange, red, lime green, olive drab or black