Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Part Number : LFR30B

Our Price : $75.00

Product Details

SAFE: Non-contact body temperature measurement avoids cross-infection
FAST: Imported probe from Germany, temperature displays in 1 second
CONVENIENT: Blue dots focusing calibration system help users to find the optimal measuring distance
COLOR INDICATOR: Three colored back lights indicate the different temperature ranges visually <37.5c/99.5f is green  37.5c/99.5f to 38.5c/101.3f is yellow >38.5c/101.3f red light with sound alert
TWO MODES: Two Temperature measurement modes Human Body and Object
DATA RECORD: 99 sets of data can be stored for tracking the changes of body temperature
POWER SAVING: Auto shut down when there is no operation for 60 seconds
Two AAA Batteries are not included.
5 year service life