ICS Model Procedures Incidents Structural Fire Fighting NIMS

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ICS Model Procedures Incidents Structural Fire Fighting NIMS

This document is designed as a guide to assist organizations to become compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS), March 1, 2004, edition, Incident Command System (ICS) as mandated by Homeland Security Presidential Directive [HSPD]-5. The Incident Command System is the national model management system for coordinating the combination of facilities, equipment, personnel, procedures, and communications operating within a common organizational structure, designed to enable effective and efficient incident management.

This document is designed as a guide to assist emergency service organizations in the implementation of an Incident Command System. It may serve as the initial design document from which a jurisdiction may operate during emergency incidents. Once adopted by a jurisdiction and with appropriate training of personnel, it provides easily understood organizational structures and procedures with which to manage emergency events.

This model describes the building of the Incident Command System for emergency incidents. It encourages the use of ICS at small, routine incidents and provides for expanding the organization in order to meet the management needs of escalating events.

The NIMS Consortium initially addressed many all-risk model procedure guides and in 2006 consolidated all the models into two documents.

1. Incident Command System Model Procedures Guide for Incidents Involving Structural Fire Fighting, High Rise, Multi-Casualty, Highway, and Managing Large-Scale Incidents Using NIMS-ICS. Book 1 2. Special Operations - Incidents Involving Hazardous Materials/WMD, Structural Collapse, Wildland, and Managing Large-Scale Incident Using NIMS-ICS. Book 2