Hawke Mini EMS Fanny Pack 7"Lx4.5"Hx3.5"D

Part Number : hmini

Our Price : $22.73

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Product Details

Mini EMS-1 WaistPak 
Years ago, we set out to build the smallest, complete, EMS fanny pack that would fit around a pair of standard shears. The dimensions turned out to be 7"Lx4.5"Hx1.75"D. We use our trademark toolface w/flap and 2 wing pockets for gloves. Now, this pack is a favorite with the Emergency Dept. crowd. Just right for a PDA or Quick Guide and quickly doffed and hung in a locker for another day. Utility version has no wing pockets or belt but has belt loops on the back. TOO SMALL for a Stethoscope...Measure yours!!! Available in black, navy blue, red, or orange. Stripes available in blue, red, white, and 3M glowflex.