"H" Bandage 8" x 10" Flat Fold

Part Number : hbff01

Our Price : $11.00

Product Details

The H-Bandage is the latest in Universal Severe Trauma Dressings. An upgrade to our patented combat dressing Cinch Tight, the H-Bandage gives medics and field personnel both an emergency dressing and a hemostat for arterial bleeding and hemorrhaging in limbs. The H-Bandage’s unique design allows for one-handed use under any condition. Designed for First Responders, Military, and Law Enforcement, the H-Bandage provides a fast, effective tool for all kinds of serious traumas and injuries involving arterial bleeding.

The unique design of the H-Bandage, with its 8″x10″ ABD pad and the unique 5 foot elastic wrap designed for both strength and flexibility along with the H-shaped cinch sewn into the bandage, allows it to satisfy multiple field needs. The H-shaped cinch allows for direct pressure to be applied directly on top of a wound, increasing compression and reducing blood loss.

The H-Bandage can be used easily and effectively as a field compression dressing and as a sling with improved stability, compression, and ease of use. Because of the strength of the proprietary elastic strap, the H-Bandage can also be deployed as a hasty tourniquet. The H-Bandage has been clinically tested to stop arterial bleeding, making it a complete combat dressing whose multiple functionality makes it a truly comprehensive emergency trauma system.

The H-Bandage comes in two options and two different folds: our standard method, creating a rounder, tighter package, or with a flat fold to create a thinner but wider package. The H&H H-Bandage comes in a sterile, vacuum-sealed 4 mil barrier