Exam Prep: Paramedic

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Exam Prep: Paramedic

Exam Prep: Paramedic is designed to prepare you to sit for a Paramedic certification or training examination by including the same type of multiple-choice questions you are likely to encounter.
The manual follows the Systematic Approach to Examination Preparation, developed by Performance Training Systems, Inc., to help improve examination scores. The practice examinations were written by emergency medical service personnel and the content was validated through current reference materials and technical review committees.
Additionally, Exam Prep: Paramedic includes:

  • Practice examinations for paramedics
  • Self-scoring guide with page references to leading resources for further study
  • Winning test-taking tips and helpful hints
  • Extensive coverage of the 1998 EMT-Paramedic National Standard Curriculum

Exam Prep: Paramedic By: IAFC, Dr. Ben Hirst @2007, ISBN Thirteen: 9780763742164 Published by: Jones & Bartlett