EpiRite Refill - Adrenaline needs to be purchased separately

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Part Number : EpiRiteVR

Our Price : $14.00

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Available in the States of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
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The EpiRite Refill Kit is not for individuals.  It is only for services using it through medical control and following their direction that they provide.   The refill kit is designed to refill contents of the original full kit which included a Pelican storage box.   Each refill kit includes  Two EpiRite Syringes marked with 0.1 infant, 0.15 pedi, and 0.3 adult.  2 5/8" Safety Glide Needles  & 2 1" Safety Glide Needles.  4 Alcohol Prep Pads, 1 Pair of latex free gloves, one security seal.
* * Adrenaline needs to be purchased separately * * 
The security seal is sent to you with the kit.  This will allow you place printed information inside the kit from your medical control or state guidelines to the kit for reference when securing the Pelican box.