Disaster Management Systems Hospital ER Surge Response Kit

Part Number : dms05350x

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The Disaster Management Systems Hospital Response Kit organizes and identifies staff during a convergence of mass-casualty or WMD patients.

To address the range of needs during such an incident, elements of two systems have been combined: The Hospital Emergency Incident Command System and the Standardized Emergency Management System.

The kit includes: 13 Position Vests: Access Control Unit Leader, Casualty Care Unit Leader, Crowd Control Unit Leader, Treatment Unit Leader, Immediate Treatment Manager, Delayed Treatment Manager, Minor Treatment Manager, Morgue Manager, Patient Tracking Manager, Patient Registration Unit Leader, Medical Supply Unit Leader, Transportation Unit Leader, Triage Unit Leader

50 DMS All Risk™ Triage Tags instructional CD, (4) 15x20 Colored Treatment Tarps/START Compliant, Carrying Case