Disaster Management Systems Chest Mounted Tactical Triage Bag (Blue)

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DMS-05900 Advanced Chest Mounted Tactical Triage Pack
Combine Triage Ribbons with Optional LSI Medical Supply Loadouts

2013 EMSWorld Innovation of the Year

Optimized for EMS

Be it an MCI, Active Shooter, or Routine Medical Run, this Versatile Chest-Pak is optimal for any call that requires patient treatment. Optimized for lessons learned in tactical medicine and rigorous field testing, this pack meets the demands of high-intensity events.

• Chest-mount configuration for rapid equipment access
• Developed for First Responders and Tactical Medics
• Ideal for MCI and Over-the-Side operations
• Integrated 4-color triage ribbon systems.
• Use optional loadout packages or create custom loadout to fit your specific needs

Rugged Cordura® and YKK Construction

Standard Triage Ribbon Cassette comes loaded with
4 - 150' Triage Colored Rolls
  • DELAYED - Yellow
  • MINOR - Green
  • EXPECTANT/MORGUE - Black/White Diagonal Stripe for easy identification in low light

2 - Grease Pens
1 - Tethered Waterproof Laminated Triage Count Card

Choose Medical Blue or Tactical Black

DMS-05900 Tactical Triage Bag (LSI Loadout Not Included) $169.97