D Size Oxygen Cylinder with Toggle FULL of Oxygen

Part Number : dtf

Our Price : $116.00

Product Details

We are unable to sell full oxygen tanks to individuals.  This is only for first responder agencies or facilities with a medical director that authorizes the use.  

Actual Full tank price is $84 per tank plus the UPS HAZMAT charge.

These ship UPS Hazmat.  Shipping 1 tank through 6 tanks costs $32 per box.  Purchasing more tanks at one time saves significantly.  Cost per tank with the HAZMAT FEE included is as follows

1 tank $116  

2 tanks $100

3 tanks  $94.66

4 tanks $92.00

5 tanks $90.40

6 tanks $89.33

7 tanks $93.14

8 tanks $92.00

9 tanks $91.11

10 tanks $90.40

11 tanks $89.81

12 tanks $89.33 

The online system can handle tank purchases of up to 12 tanks.  Any more than that please contact us by phone at 860-388-4599.   

Allied Health Care 31-10-2014 D size standard toggle post valve and fully D.O.T. approved. The aluminum tank is shipped full and can hold 400 liters of oxygen.