Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders

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Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders

What do the World Trade Center, Atlanta Olympic Park, Oklahoma City , and the chemical attacks in Japan have in common? They are all terrorist attacks. While "It can''t happen here" is still a common mind-set, chemical and biological agent attacks, bombingnuclear devices, and incendiary devices can indeed happen in any community. The resulting loss of life and disruption of lifestyle caused by these potential incidents is too great to ignore. Where ever and however the attacks occur,it is the local emergency responder who has to answer the call, provide security to the site, give aide to the wounded and, in some cases, literally put out the fire. Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders suggests that while these chemical attacksare not unlike other types of hazardous materials incidents, they also include additional special circumstances. With the information in this book, emergency response teams will be prepared to handle all types of hazardous materials and effectively dealwith chemical and biological agents. In providing step-by-step instructions for recognition and identification procedures, this book explores security and isolation zones, as well as the use of protective equipment and decontamination procedures.Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders guides those who are responsible for providing aid and comfort to the victims at terrorist sites, whether foreign or domestic. This includes emergency medical responders, firefighters, and police. Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders by: Robert Burke ©1999 Published by: CRC Press