CombiCarrier II with Pins

Part Number : combip2

Our Price : $935.75

Product Details

Hartwell Medical’s  CombiCarrier II may be used as a scoop stretcher or a full backboard. The unique Auto-Lock Latch System is user-friendly, minimizing needed training, and the recessed side latch is located away from the patient. The system locks automatically, but unlocks manually. Patients are safe, secure and laterally supported on the concave surface. Pinch-free continuous inner edge.

The CombiCarrier II may also be used as a standard board during auto extrication. Patients can be rotated out onto the board and restrained with the four included straps.

The continuous head support surface improves neutral alignment and minimizes head movement during application and removal. Use with most head immobilizers.

The carrier is made with HDPE over a urethane foam filling allowing flotation.  Seamless surface is easy to clean.

Fits standard storage compartments.

Ideal for suspected hip, pelvic and spinal injuries.

X-Ray Compatible - Clear center section provides unobstructed A/P view of patient's spine. Split-design allows for simple - easy removal and reapplication for detailed X-Ray examination.

Dimensions: 73.5” x 16.5” x 2.19”

Weight: 15.5 lbs.

Load Capacity: 450 lbs.

Materials: High density polyethylene, fiberglass pins, urethane foam filling, aluminum and stainless steel latches.