Combat Eye Shield 25/ Case

Part Number : hhces01case

Our Price : $375.00

Product Details

H&H’s Combat Eye Shield patented design (Design Patent No. D674,903) according to the specifications of several active duty surgeons of OIF/OEF to cover penetrating eye injuries. The Combat Eye Shield is designed to meet the CoTCCC guidelines for the treatment of penetrating eye trauma while providing a small, sterile package to fit in any trauma kit.

The Combat Eye Shield is composed of a 6 inch Hydrogel disc that surrounds a fox eye shield, giving a large surface area to attach to the casualty that will nor harm adjacent trauma or burns. The Combat Eye Shield also comes with one 8″ x 7.5″ ABD Pad to clean the surface before applying the shield. The package comes vacuum sealed and sterilized for immediate use.