Blood Collection Tubes - Corvac Serum Separator - Red/Green 4ml (100/box)

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Tyco Blood Collection Tubes - Corvac Serum Separator - Red/Grey 4ml, 100/box.

Sterile, evacuated borosilicate glass tubes which function as a closed system for the collection - separation and storage of blood. Side walls of the tube are coated with an inert haemo-repellent silicone allowing centrifugation with the stopper on.

Powdered glass particles are incorporated to ensure rapid and thorough clotting. During centrifugation the exclusive Corvac® Gel energiser in the base of the tube moves the gel up the tube wall to form a solid, inert barrier between cells and serum. The barrier allows the specimen to be stored in the original tube for up to 48 hours without loss of integrity.