Part Number : 80-0239

Our Price : $134.99

Product Details

The new ARC°tc™ HPMK®BA, 80-0239, from North American Rescue provides a battery-activated heating system to combat hypothermia in austere pre-hospital settings, even in high altitude or moist conditions. Its ARC°tc™ Radiant Thermal Heating panels integrated into the 4-ply composite fabric of the Heat Reflective Shell rapidly delivers a combined radiant heating system that maintains a constant output temperature to the casualty’s back. The HPMK®BA provides sustained heat from a standard BA-5590 battery or equivilant (not included) and is compatible with all ARC°tc™ alternate power sources. It is weight tested to support 250+ lb and built to maximize isothermal capabilities with its tapered shape, built-in hood, 360º Velcro® closures and resilient multi-layer construction. In addition, it is conveniently vacuum-sealed in a rugged, compact package that is clear and easy-to-open.

Note: Power source (required) is not included.


*The ARCºtc™ HPMK® BA generates radiant heat and requires that the patient is encapsulated within the device for effective warming.