AAOS Paramedic Calculations for Medication Administration

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AAOS Paramedic Calculations for Medication Administration

This textbook teaches the basic principles of mathematics and applies these principles to cases that paramedics face on the job. Chapters cover math rules and principles; fractions, decimals, and percentages; ratios, proportions, and conversion factors; and rate-dependent and weight-based calculations. Practice problems are scattered throughout the chapters; students practice as they go. Every chapter highlights how paramedics can make use of the math knowledge that they already have in order to solve more complicated problems. Chapters begin with the simple and obvious, and progress to the level used in the field. Practice makes perfect this text has over 700 practice problems! In addition to the in-chapter practice, chapters conclude with more problems. Complete answers to every problem, including explanations, are provided in the answer key. Every step is included, making it easy to follow how an answer was reached.

Paperback, 200pp

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.

Pub. Date: January 2008